The CRAZY about DYMPHNA exhibition by The Phoebus Foundation brings the monumental Dymphna altarpiece by Goossen Van der Weyden (1505) to Geel.

You'll discover the secrets behind the layers of paint and get to know the extraordinary world of Van der Weyden.

The Phoebus Foundation subjected the panels to an extensive restoration project lasting more than three years. The end result is stunning, as are the discoveries made during the process. Come and admire it, from 1 April to 28 August 2022, in St Dymphna's Church in Geel.

Goossen Van der Weyden, grandson of the famous Rogier, created an exceptional masterpiece at the height of Dymphna's popularity.

The monumental altarpiece is a composition of several individual scenes showcasing the life and martyrdom of Dymphna. It was painted in around 1505, for the Norbertine monks of Tongerlo Abbey, who hung it in a prominent place in their church.

The Dymphna altarpiece was recently acquired by The Phoebus Foundation. The panels were subjected to an extensive restoration project lasting more then three years. History has not been particularly kind to the artwork.

In its five hundred years of existence, the masterpiece has been cut up, neglected, vandalised, stolen and even forgotten. A team of conservation and restoration specialists from The Phoebus Foundation worked closely with national and international experts to restore the paintings to their former glory.

Discover the incredible stories, forgotten for centuries, which unfold under layers of dust and dirt. An interactive scenography immerses you in the remarkable world of Dymphna.

  • 02 Oct 2022
    Helaas, het is voorbij

    De tentoonstelling ZOT VAN DIMPNA is helaas afgelopen. Toch bestaat de mogelijkheid de tentoonstelling alsnog te bezoeken, maar dan in Ierland. Schrijf je in op de nieuwsbrief, dan houden wij je op de hoogte.

  • 16 Aug 2022
    Tentoonstelling ZOT van DIMPNA verlengd tot 2 oktober!

    De uitzonderlijke tentoonstelling rond het Dimpna-altaarstuk van Goossen Van der Weyden is verlengd t/m 2 oktober 2022! De tentoonstelling is heel toepasselijk gevestigd in de Sint-Dimpnakerk in Geel. De openingstijden zijn van dinsdag t/m zondag, van 11u tot 18u. De toegang (met audiogids) is slechts 1 euro. Reserveer je ticket via de website:

  • 31 Mar 2022
    Crazy about Dymphna exhibition

    Crazy about Dymphna is organised by The Phoebus Foundation, in St Dymphna's Church in Geel, and runs from 1 April to 28 August 2022. The exhibition tells you about the impressive Saint Dymphna altarpiece, its original layers of paint, the invisible drawings and Van der Weyden's masterly skill.

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