Conditions applicable to your visit

You visit the exhibition at your own risk. The owners, operators and/or their agents cannot be held responsible for any accidents, physical or material damage, and/or theft of personal belongings.

Access to the exhibition area
Participants will only be admitted to the exhibition area on presentation of a valid admission ticket. The participant must be able to present this proof of purchase  at all times if requested by the staff. If access to the exhibition space is temporarily or unexpectedly impossible, it does not entitle you to a refund but you can change your reservation to another date and/or time slot.

Visitor Code of Conduct
During their visit to the exhibition, visitors are expected to behave in a manner that is consistent with public order and public morality. The visitor must immediately follow directions and instructions issued by authorised personnel. In the event of non-compliance, the visitor may be denied further access, without being entitled to reimbursement of the cost of the admission ticket or any other costs incurred.

Minors must be accompanied by a responsible parent or adult chaperone at all times. Supervisors of minors and/or groups are responsible and liable for the behaviour of persons/groups they are accompanying.

Visitors are liable for any damage they cause during their visit. They will be obliged to pay for the damage caused.

The safety of persons, works of art and buildings
In the event of any unlawful or irregular occurrence, the necessary measures may be taken, including sealing off the exhibition area, entrances and exits. Such a measure may also mean that the participants present must remain in the room until the authorities arrive on site.

In the event of excessive crowds, disturbances, calamities, natural and/or other circumstances that may jeopardise the safety of persons, works of art or goods, a decision may be taken to close the exhibition partially or completely or to change the opening hours.

Participants may not carry out any act that may jeopardise the safety of the Organisation, other participants or goods. Any accident, inappropriate behaviour by a person or abnormal occurrence must be reported immediately to the Organisation.

Liability of the Organisation
Participants visit the exhibition at their own risk. Participants waive recourse and/or any claims against The Phoebus Foundation, owners, operators and/or their agents (hereinafter referred to as the 'Organisation'). As a result, the Organisation is not responsible for accidents, physical or material damage, and/or the theft of personal belongings, etc.

The Organisation is only liable for damage resulting from deliberate or grossly negligent action by the Organisation in quotations, communication or other forms of information provided to the participant.

The Organisation shall do its utmost to ensure that the visit to the exhibition space takes place in accordance with the information published, and will inform the public as best it can about complete, partial or early closure of the exhibition and about circumstances that may affect a visit to the exhibition such as maintenance work, renovations and/or the organisation/reorganisation of the exhibition space. This can be done via the Organisation's website.

Complaints and/or suggestions can be made using the form at the ticketing office or sent by e-mail to the Organisation at Complaints must be communicated to the Organisation within six weeks of your visit. Complaints received after this period will not be accepted and are considered null and void. If the complaint is submitted in time and is well-founded, the maximum compensation amounts to a refund of the admission ticket.