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Choose the date and time of your visit. Fill in the requested information and then pay the reservation fee of €1 per person. Afterwards you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing your reservation and the tickets.

On presentation of the ticket, you will be admitted to the exhibition and be given an audio guide for use during your visit. If you present your ticket in the museum shop you will receive a generous discount of €15 on the beautiful art book Crazy about Dymphna. The Story of a Girl who Drove a Medieval City Mad.

What if no more tickets are available?

Unfortunately the time slot you selected is fully booked. Select a different time slot and/or date.

Payment didn't go through? Or you didn't get a confirmation in your mailbox?

It can happen. There may be a glitch in the system or the e-mail address may contain an error. Send a message to We will then check the system with you and fix the problem.

Can I also buy tickets at the ticketing office?

It is possible to buy tickets at the museum ticketing office, but take into account the limited number of tickets per time slot. You may have to wait. At the moment, we only accept payment by bank card at the ticketing office in St Dymphna's Church.

Please note: different opening hours!

Eucharistic celebrations will continue throughout the exhibition in St Dymphna's Church. The regular (Sunday) celebration ends before the exhibition opens at 11a.m. We ask for your understanding and cooperation for the following celebrations:

  • Every third Sunday of the month, there is an international celebration (in French and English) at 1 p.m. with a celebration about the laying on of hands at 3 p.m. (specifically for pilgrims, the sick, etc.). Silence must be respected in the church between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. on the following dates: Sunday 17 April (Easter), Sunday 19 June, Sunday 17 July, Sunday 21 August, Sunday 18 September.
  • Saturday 30 April: confirmation is held at 9.30 a.m. and at 11 a.m. The exhibition opens at 12.30 p.m.
  • Sunday 15 May is Dymphna Day. In the morning, there is a special Dymphna celebration. This means the exhibition will open later than usual (12 noon). In the afternoon the Dymphna Procession takes place. As a result, the church will not be accessible by car.


What if the exhibition suddenly has to close?

If another pandemic were to occur or an unexpected celebration takes place in the church, the church may open later than planned or even remain closed. We will inform ticket holders accordingly. Just to be sure, check the website before setting off for the exhibition.

If these unexpected circumstances do occur, you can opt to change the date and/or time slot of your visit. Send a message to We'll assist you asap.


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