The Phoebus Foundation

The Phoebus Foundation is an art foundation under Anglo-Saxon law with philanthropic objectives. The foundation acquires art and provides a professional framework for the conservation and management of art works, ensures their preservation and restoration and aims to achieve a high level of scientific research.          

The results of these efforts are shared as widely as possible. We do this by means of exhibitions and loans, cultural events, symposia and publications. Crazy about Dymphna is one of the many projects the foundation is working on. Curious about what other projects we have in store? Find out about all our current projects here.

The Dymphna altarpiece is just one magnificent example from our 'Art from the Southern Netherlands from the Middle Ages to the Baroque' sub-collection. We also have numerous other sub-collections for you to discover on our new website. If you want to learn more about art, you can do so in our various publications.